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Wake Up!

Our coffee beans come from Pacamara & we brew our coffee strong. Try our 18 hour cold brewed coffee served with an orange slice or our bottomless cup of American style drip.

Kick start your Heart

Feed your bean cravings with these awesome coffees and treats from our espresso machine

Lighten your Step

Our maple pecan coconut granola is entirely homemade & every batch is taste tested to make sure it has that perfect rich balance to pair with real thick Greek yogurt & fresh fruit.

Stick to your Ribs Goodness

Our porridge bowls use steel cut oatmeal & offer a nutritious, high fiber & very satisfying way to put fuel in the tank. Here are our favorite selections but feel free to be creative & make it yours.

Great Eggspectations

We scramble our eggs with real French butter using Gordon Ramsay’s technique so they are nice & moist. If you prefer your eggs firmer or want egg whites only, just ask.

The Stacks of Life

Try our stacks (our take on eggs Benny) made with 3 fluffy scrambled eggs on buttery Texas toast, and topped with our homemade velvety Hollandaise sauce. Want to mix up the toppings? Just ask.

A Grain of Hope

Our French toast is cooked crispy around the edges, custardy in the center, & finished off with real butter & your choice of syrup. If you prefer yours firmer, please let us know.